Future Steps Preparation Programme

At Airthrie we want to celebrate every individual and guide families in identifying the right senior school that supports each pupils strengths.

We aim to provide a breadth of choice and assist parents in deciding the best future step for their child. As a large portion of our families choose the Grammar School or Scholarship option, we start preparing for this as part of our curriculum in Years 1 and 2.

In addition to our everyday curriculum, Year 5 and 6 pupils can opt in for extra tuition at after school clubs, designed to help prepare them for both 11+ Grammar and Independent school exams. In order to best prepare for this the club aims to develop key exam skills in Reasoning, Maths and English Comprehension. We can assist parents with choosing the relevant 11+ resources for their child, as well as give 1:1 support where necessary.

Pupils are further supported with mock interview practise with the Head and other senior members of the Dean Close Foundation. This is invaluable experience for pupils who are applying for scholarships and school places in which the senior schools invite the pupils to demonstrate their strengths. 

We are fortunate to have so many excellent private and state schools in Cheltenham and as part of our programme we prepare and celebrate the success of every child, whatever their onward educational journey. 


I loved Airthrie because of the wide range of lessons, and the family atmosphere. Airthrie is really unique, and because it is a small school, it feels like a second home. You always have something to do at Airthrie, as there are so many extra curricular activities on offer. I feel so prepared for secondary school because the teachers encouraged us to do new things and helped us to excel in our lessons. This has made me confident for the next chapter. I was so sad to leave Airthrie this summer, but in a way that is a good thing, as that shows how brilliant a school it was for me. I felt really comfortable at Airthrie, and even though I started in year 3, it seemed like I had been there since Reception. I immediately slotted in because of all the smiles of the happy people around me, and the fun things to do. "