Years 1 & 2

Year 1 is a very important time for children at Airthrie School.  During this year we witness the children taking great strides in terms of both personal and academic development. 

As they move from the Foundation Stage the time spent on play-based activities diminishes and learning becomes more subject based.  There is still a strong emphasis on learning through practical activities and we pride ourselves on creating a stimulating, safe and engaging learning environment for our pupils

We recognise and encourage children’s social development, helping them to grow in confidence both with their peers and with adults. 

We go on visits to a wide variety of venues.  In recent years we have been to The Cheltenham Literature Festival, the Cotswold Farm Park, Cotswold Wildlife Park, kite flying on Crickley Hill and strawberry picking at a local Pick your Own site.  We also have a number of invited guests who visit us in the classroom to share their experiences and skills.

In Year 2, whilst following the curriculum of Key Stage 1 pupils are taught to become independent thinkers and by the end of the year they are well prepared to move into Prep. 

Lessons are extended, most teaching is activity based and creative minds are still very much encouraged to thrive through weekly art, drama, sport and music lessons.