Summer Production: Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies

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Summer Production: Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies

The end of term is a lovely time to come together and celebrate the courage of all our pupils who recently performed in our Summer Production of Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies at the Parabola Arts Centre. It was nice for the school community to take some time out of lessons, work and school to watch the performance. The event truly showcased the remarkable talents and spirit of our students, leaving the audience in awe (and well-deserved laughs!).

First and foremost, we would like to extend our congratulations to our Year 6 students for their outstanding performance in the play. Their dedication, commitment, and hard work shone brilliantly on stage, captivating the audience with their exceptional acting skills, powerful voices, and impeccable timing. Each student displayed immense talent and confidence, making the play an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance. We are truly proud of each one of them.

Pupils from Reception to Year 5 were also outstanding in their parts throughout the play. The whole school singing together was a joy to hear. It is an Airthrie tradition that Year 6 pupils perform the acting parts, and all other pupils perform a class song and dance as part of the performance. It’s a fantastic way to introduce pupils to time on stage.

Additionally, we must express our appreciation to the teachers and staff members involved in the production of the play. Mr Medhurst and Mr Parham-Connolly have once again produced an enjoyable production. Credit must also go to Lisa Jackson and Jeremy Sayers for a brilliant job of creating, preparing and managing props.

The performance was an enjoyable mid-week treat for the whole school community and left us feeling both connected and entertained. These events really show how much of a family we are at Airthrie.

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