KS2 Swimming Gala 2023

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  • Cedar Class
  • Larch Class
  • Oak Class
KS2 Swimming Gala 2023

Our annual Key Stage 2 Swimming Gala was held at the CLC Fitness Centre. A huge well done to all pupils who took part, those that achieved great results and gained medals, also to those who find swimming difficult. Mr Dobbie spoke about how important it is to recognise how much of an achievement it is for some pupils to just step into the pool on the day.

It was a wonderful event to bring the school community together, followed by a Coronation Tea in the garden. 


Year 3 Width Freestyle Final

1st: Zachary 

2nd: Flo 

3rd: Noah 


Year 3 Length Freestyle Final

1st: Oliver 

2nd: Tamar 

3rd: Athenais & Hannah 


Year 4 Length Individual Final

1st: Thomas 

2nd: Eliza 

3rd: Mac 


Year 5 Length Individual Final

1st: Erin 

2nd: Austin 

3rd: Angus 


Year 6 Length Individual Freestyle

1st: Ralph 

2nd: Toby 

3rd: Morgan