Christmas Carol Service 2023

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Christmas Carol Service 2023

Angel Gabriel dressed as Elvis isn't something you'd expect to see at your average Nativity but for our annual Carol Service,  "Through the Eyes of an Angel," it was all part of the magic of Christmas.

Amidst the festive cheer and anticipation of the holiday season, Dean Close Airthrie brought together its entire community on the last day of the Michaelmas term for a heartwarming celebration of Christmas and carols.

The Year 6 pupils narrated the events of the Nativity in a humorous, down to earth way that resonated with everyone watching as the year 1 and 2 pupils acted out the story.

The harmonious blend of youthful voices and angelic melodies created an unforgettable experience at Christ Church, Cheltenham that hosted the special service.

Little Trees Christ Church Pre-school nursery made a guest appearance singing 'Jingle Bells' and joining in with the carols.

Our Head, Jason Dobbie, said "Airthrie's commitment to excellence shone through in every note and performance, making this year's Carol Service a testament to the vibrant spirit and the remarkable talents of its students."