April Addition to the Airthrie Family

  • Willow Class
April Addition to the Airthrie Family

In an eagerly anticipated event that has captured the hearts of students and staff alike, our Reception class have welcomed a delightful batch of new arrivals. After weeks of anticipation and careful nurturing, today marked the first sightings of adorable hatchlings, much to the delight of the entire school community.

A total of 14 fluffy chicks emerged from their shells, bringing joy and excitement to Reception class. With each tiny chirp and wobble, the newborns captivated the attention of students, who wasted no time in eagerly brainstorming names for their adorable new classmates.

The arrival of the hatchlings has sparked a wave of anticipation and curiosity across all classes, with students eagerly awaiting the opportunity to meet and interact with the newest members of the school community. The hatchlings have become the talk of the school.

Describing the excitement surrounding the hatchlings, Mrs Brooks expressed immense pride in the patience and care demonstrated by the Reception class throughout the incubation process. "Our class have shown incredible dedication and responsibility in caring for the eggs and monitoring their progress," Mrs Brooks remarked. 

As the hatchlings continue to grow and thrive under the watchful eyes of their young caretakers, the entire school eagerly anticipates the opportunity to handle them. With their endearing chirps and fluffy feathers, the chicks are sure to bring endless joy and laughter to all who have the pleasure of meeting them.