Meet the Head

Mr Jason Dobbie, Head, joined Dean Close Airthrie in September 2021.


One of the reasons I was drawn to this wonderful school is that we allow children to be children for as long as they possibly can. Childhood is an exciting time of discovery and learning and this should be encouraged in all they do. Let children dream. Let children imagine. This is something we as adults, often forget to do ourselves, as we go about our everyday lives. Airthrie encourages this pursuit of curiosity in a warm and caring environment, where our staff know every child’s needs. We aim for our pupils to have a childhood full of imagination, freedom, adventure, risk, creativity, friendship, and innocence.

As a Preparatory School teacher for over twenty years and as an extremely keen sportsman, I feel that our lives are shaped at this young age. As educators, we are in such a fortunate position where we can inspire the next generation. We want to build well-rounded young individuals who show traits of courage and confidence, so it is important that their environment is a place where they feel no limits to their learning and discovery. I would like our pupils to have a go at whatever opportunity is presented to them; opportunities which are in abundance at Airthrie. They might not always succeed, but we will celebrate when they do and encourage them when they do not. ”